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About us

portrattbreit[1]300Breit Olsson, Inventor

Breit has an engineering background but has worked the past 20 years with club fitting.

Breit has also competed on elite level in bowling.

During rehabilitation after a car accident he got an interest in golf and in particular, how the golf club affects the player’s performance. Breit went on several club fitting courses in the US.

Breit discovered early on that it should be possible to calculate mathematically the golf clubs to enhance the performance.

PortrattTony[2]300Tony Björkman, Inventor

Tony has a background in electronic engineering and has studied mathematics at University of Texas at Arlington, while playing golf as much as he could.

He has spent most of his career working with RF and mechanical engineering.

Tony was a customer to Breit when they started to discuss different models how to calculate and specify a golf club and how to ergonomic match a set of clubs.

PortrattRichard[2]300Richard Dovrell, President Smart Balance Golf

Richard is an electronic engineer that has spent most of his career in managing roles at electronic distribution companies.

He started with golf at an age of 50 and was told by a business partner in Scotland that it should be illegal to start with golf after 20 years of age.

Well with ergonomic fitted clubs Richard today enjoys the game very much with a handicap of 13.

IMG_4097[2]300Patent granted in USA, China,Japan,Europe and Australia

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