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Specifying golf clubs

By Richard Dovrell, Breit Olsson Smart Balance Golf June 2013


Swing weighting clubs is the dominating method used by manufacturers of golf equipment. Swing weight is an arbitrary figure from measuring the balance of the club at rest with a swing weight scale, invented nearly 100 years ago.  You can manufacture thousands of clubs with the same swing weight and still they all can feel and perform differently.  If you have one favorite club and want a set of clubs with the same feel/performance you have little to no use of knowing the swing weight. Most club makers today use MOI matching of clubs.  MOI matching seems at first glance to be a good idea.  Again if you have a favorite club and want a full set of clubs with different lengths what should the MOI reading be on the Irons, wedges and woods? You can also with MOI matching build clubs with the same MOI but clubs plays and feels differently. If you are back weighting a club the club gets easier to swing despite MOI number increase. Swingweight and MOI matching isn´t sufficient to specify a club or specify a set of clubs if you want clubs ergonomically matched! Professional tour players often struggle when they change equipment despite they have the manufacturers full support and they are extremely good in adjusting their swing to the club they presently hold in the hands. Phil Mickelson said after winning the Northen Trust Open 2009 “I ended up going back to my old irons trying to eliminate some variables…… Rory have been struggling after equipment change, Luke Donald, Lee Westwood and many other professional players, are very reluctant to change equipment despite all new technology. Is it just mental or do the new clubs feel and perform differently……

Read the scientific study that shows that golfers change their swing when going between clubs

Click here to read the scientific paper

Our patented system Smart Balance Golf for specifying golf clubs and build ergonomic sets have been tested and proven to be sufficient to maintain both the feel and performance. You can´t build two clubs with the same smart balance golf specification, that feels and performs differently. In short we are using the double pendulum model and Newton’s laws of physics to specify four torsional moments. Our torsional moments are derived from clubs total weight, clubs balance point, clubs length, head weight and head center of gravity. We have build for demonstration purposes two sand wedges with same heads, same shafts dynamic gold R300 soft step and same grips. The clubs have same swing weight D 8,3, same balance point 707 mm and same total weight 402,7g. MOI measurement is 2770 and 2775, a very small difference. Many amateurs and professional players have tried these clubs and so far no one has been able to hit the two clubs in the same spot on club head. No magic here, we gave the clubs different smart balance golf specifications and as expected they feel and perform differently despite overall specifications shows nearly identical clubs.

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