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  • Smart Balance Golf® is the world’s first system for ergonomic matching of golf clubs.
  • All important variables in the clubs are mathematically calculated.
  • Clubs ergonomically matched to your motor control improves consistency.
  • Duplicating an old golf set to a new model is easy with Smart Balance Golf specifications.

Smart Balance Golf is the next logical evolution. Smart Balance Golf  is the greatest story today, it gives the average golfer a new dimension to golf when they only have one swing to learn.

Latest news

We can travel to the moon, build nuclear power plants and manipulate
DNA, but we cannot exactly reproduce a golf club or make two identical golf sets. Even though a golf club consists of just three parts.
Can this really be true?



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A survey on golfers who have been playing ergonomic matched clubs. From a total of 147 customers we have received 102 responses (69%). Number of women in the group is very small, only 10 responses. The average drop in handicap for women was 7%. In this study we focus only on male golfer.


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 A large number of shafts are available on the market, and they all claim to have the best performance. The shaft is often blamed or praised to the skies for the poor or good performance of the golf club. How then can we find out which shaft is best? When shafts are tested in hitting machines, there are often only minimal differences between the various shafts.

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