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We can do a fitting in 30 minutes on a 6 iron and calculate all clubs in the bag for maximum performance!

Amateurs are consistent and predictable, they can regularly hit sweet spot if they get right equipment!


Testing interaction between human body and the equipment

Our bold statements are impossible according to the golf industry, but not any longer. We have during 25 years of research developed a toolbox that make it possible, and we can demonstrate that it works.

Our testing on a large number of amateurs show an average 15% drop in handicap, 8 out of 10 shots in sweet spot on all clubs in the bag and 25 to 50% less dispersion.

Isaak Newton´s law of physics dictates that all mass and how mass is distributed in the club affect the player.

Our demonstration!


Step 1.
We have built a number of 6 irons reference clubs based on our mathematics. We know the exact specification on each club tested. Golfer hits 3 shots with recorded dispersion in club face. After testing normally 6-7 clubs we end up with a club that has a very small dispersion on clubface.

Step 2.
Based on the specification on first iron we assembly a new 6 iron with a different shaft. Club is mathematically recalculated every time a new shaft is tested, to keep the same sweet spot dispersion. We repeat the test with additional shafts as needed, and we monitor which shaft gives least length/side dispersion. (By cancelling shaft effect on sweet spot dispersion we can test how the shaft actually perform).
Best performing combination is the player’s true 6 Iron specification. From this reference club we calculate all clubs in the bag. We can use virtually any head and recalculate how the club must be built to maintain performance.

Step 3.
Verifying players specification by testing wedge, driver etc.

Until now all fittings in the world are done with trial and error methods. There is no system in the market that can match a set of clubs for maximum performance on all clubs. Professional players has to practice a lot with all clubs in the bag as all their clubs demand different body motor control, and they hesitate to change once they are up running.
Our system is based on Newton’s law of physics, and we control all mass and all mass locations, furthermore we need to understand all relations between all variables in the golf club. Changes in club properties will change body movement due to new exchange of forces between player and club. The kinetic properties of the club is vital for the interaction between player and club to achieve best consistent performance. Club matching enable the player to go between any two clubs in the bag without affecting performance.

By using our system, better standard clubs can be made, matched sets wedge to driver and different categories of club fittings far beyond what anybody believe is possible today.